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Twenty Minutes with Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau’s name branded itself suddenly but forcefully onto the cult film consciousness sometime in the late 2000′s, when his 2003 big screen debut (‘The Room’) became one of the most notorious bad movies of all time. Since that time, ‘The Room’ has developed a huge midnight-movie following, spawned a video game, stage-show and book, and generally captured the hearts of many. It also set the tone for a new wave of cult cinema that’s been making the rounds since that time, including new classics like ‘Birdemic,’ but also revival-screenings of films like ‘Troll 2′ and ‘The Miami Connection.’ 

Here, our very own Samantha Wilson sits down with Wiseau (writer, director, star of ‘The Room’) for a few questions.

We’re coming up on the 8th anniversary of The Room. What do you think the biggest thing you’ve learned from this whole experience has been so far?

Boy, wow. The biggest thing I learned, I’ve been traveling across the country right now as well as overseas and Canada, and I’ll also go to the UK, etc. So to respond to your question, we have a lot of fans of The Room. I do realize that now, again I would like to say thank you to all the fans – I don’t know if you want to print this or not – thanks for the support of The Room. We are very, very satisfied and what I learned from all the screenings is to appreciate what I created. Every time there’s difference of opinions and just right now people are much more kinder to The Room, and I’m not, I think it’s very positive and I’m enjoying it.

Right now I’m at AFI and there’s a big screening here and we’re actually doing it for the 1st time on the stage. Remember, I don’t know if you’re familiar with The Room – oh, you are? – My original idea was to actually put it on the stage, you know, and I’ve been working really hard and put in a lot of research and [sic] go to the theater as a location, and much more people go to the cinema. I changed my script based on the changes and said, “you know what, let’s do this as a movie, and that’s where it came from.” But speaking of eight years, we have a big celebration on the last Friday and Saturday of this month that will be eight years, and I’m very happy it’s happening.

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